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What is Computer - Basic information

Here we will talk about what is Computer. In simple language, a computer is an electronic device. You probably already know this answer. So you must be thinking, why again this article about which we already know everything. Just wait. Today I want to tell you what is the basic computer, these Hindi, you may know something in advance, but my objective is that you should be informed about the whole computer and not half of it. I know you know basic computer information. But do you know how it works, who made it before, through which kisses it has passed. How many changes have been seen in the characteristics of computers in so many years.

The computer that we are using today is the result of years of hard work of many scientists behind it. At the same time, with half the incomplete knowledge, you have full knowledge. Today, I want to give you complete information about this machine along with what you call this article, what is the main part of it, what is the full form of computer and how does it work. Then, let's start the delay and know what a computer is.

What is Computer

A computer is a machine that performs tasks according to certain instructions. There is an electronic device, which is designed to work with information. The word computer is derived from the Latin word "computare". This means calculating or calculating. It has three main functions. The first is to take the data which we also call Input, the second task is to process that data and the other task is to show the processed data which is also called Output.

Who invented computer? The father of modern computers is called Charles Babbage. Because he was the first to design a mechanical computer, which is also known as Analytical Engine. In this, data was inserted with the help of Punch Card. So we can call a computer an advanced electronic device that takes raw data from the user in the form of input, then processes that data through a program (set of Instruction) and finally the result as Output Publishes. It processes both numerical and non numerical (arithmetic and logical) calculations.

What is the full form of computer? 

Technically there is no full form of computer. Yet the computer has an imaginary full form, C - Commonly, O - Operated, M - Machine, P - Particularly, U - Used for, T - Technical and E - Educational, R - Research

History of Computer

It cannot be properly verified that the development of computers has been started since. But officially computer development has been classified according to generation. They are divided into 5 parts from the main tower. When it comes to the generation of computer, it means that computer's generations in Hindi. As the computer grows, they are divided into different generations to make it easier to understand them properly.

First Generation of Computer - 1940-1956 "Vacuum Tubes" The first generation computers used Vaccum tubes for circuitry and Magnetic Drum for memory. They used to be very big in size. A lot of power was used to run them. Being too big, it also had a lot of heat problem due to which it was also malfunctioned many times. Machine language was used in them. For example, UNIVAC and ENIAC computers.

Third Generation of Computers - 1964-1971 "Integrated Circuits" Integrated Circuit was first used in third generation computers. In which the transistors were cut into small silicon chip which is called Semi Conductor. Due to this, the ability to do computer processing increased to a great extent. For the first time, monitors, keyboards and operating systems were used to make computers of this generation more user friendly. It was launched in the market for the first time.

Fourth Generation of Computers - 1971-1985 "Microprocessors" It is typical of the Forth generation that Microprocessor was used in it. Thousands of integrated circuits were embedded into a single silicon chip. This made it very easy to reduce the size of the machine. The use of microprocessor increased the efficiency of the computer even more. This work was able to do a lot of calculations.

Fifth Generation of Computers - 1985-present "Artificial Intelligence" Fifth generation belongs to today's Dor, where Artificial Intelligence has established its dominance. Now, many new technologies like Speech recognition, Parallel Processing, Quantum Calculation have started coming into use. This is a generation where due to the computer's artificial intelligence, the ability to make decisions on its own has come. Gradually all its works will be automated.

Who invented computer Who is the father of modern computer? 

Many such people have contributed to this Computing Field. But more of all this is contributed by Charles Babage. Because he was the first Analytical Engine came out in 1837. The concept of ALU, Basic Flow Control and Integrated Memory was implemented in this engine. Today's computer was designed by basing itself on this model. This is why his contribution is the highest. Then he is also known as the father of the computer.

How does the computer work Input (Data): 

Input is the step in which Raw Information is inserted into the computer using Input Device. It can be a letter, picture or even a video. Process: The data input during the process is processed according to the instruction. This is a completely internal process.

Output: The data that has already been processed during the output is shown in the Result. And if we want, we can also save this result and keep it in memory for future use.

Motherboard The main circuit board of any computer is called the motherboard. It looks like a thin plate but it holds many things like CPU, memory, connectors for hard drive and optical drive, to control expansion card video and audio, along with all of the computer Ports connection. If seen, the motherboard is directly or in directly connected with all parts of the computer. CPU / Processor Do you know what is Central Processing Unit i.e. CPU? It is also called. It is found in the motherboard inside the computer case. It is also called the brain of the computer. It keeps an eye on all the activities that are within a computer. The higher the speed of a processor, the faster it will be able to do the processing. RAM We also know RAM as Random Acess Memory. This is the short term memeory of the system. Whenever the computer does some calculations, it temporarily saves that result in RAM. If the computer shuts down then this data is also lost. If we are writing a document, then to save it from being destroyed, we should save our data in between. If saved in Data Hard Drive by saving, then it can remain for a long time. RAM is measured in megabytes (MB) or gigabytes (GB). The more RAM there is, the better for us. Hard drive Hard Drive is the component where software, documents and other files are saved. In this, the data stays stored for a long time. Power Supply Unit The power supply unit's job is to take power from the main power supply and supply it to other components as per the requirement. Expansion Card All computers have Expansion Slots so that we can add an Expansion Card in the future. They are also called PCI (Peripheral Components Interconnect) cards. But nowadays the motherboard already has many built in slots. Names of some Expansion Cards that we can use to update old computers. Video card Sound card Network card Bluetooth Card (Adapter)