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Pran Mudra is helpful in reducing weight by controlling diabetes and cholesterol

Pran Mudra is helpful in reducing weight by controlling diabetes and cholesterol

Nowadays, due to busy lifestyle, people are not able to pay special attention to their health. Due to which the body is suffering from many diseases. In such a simple and right way to avoid illnesses, you should include exercise in your daily routine. This will keep you tight. The body has many benefits from daily exercise. Exercise helps fight many beers. You can keep yourself fit by yoga. Today, we will tell you about Pran Mudra, which will help in solving many problems other than diabetes and obesity. It protects your life and health, as if it appears only in the name of Prana Mudra. Prana mounts the root chakra, which causes both the fire and vibrations in the body. It starts getting energy from the body. With its regular practice, your body has the power to defend and fight against many diseases. By doing this the person's body remains healthy. Let us know what are the benefits of Pran Mudra's health.

Assistant in controlling diabetes and weight

Exercise helps you to control your diabetes. Pran mudra has hunger control, so that you can avoid overwriting. Blood is cleansed from prana mudra and it also removes the blockage of blood vessels. Pran Mantra helps to control diabetes. Diabetes patients will benefit from regularly doing this posture. The practice of pran mudra is also beneficial in heart diseases. This practice strengthens the body's immune system and helps in relieving the pain of fatigue and nerves. Apart from this we also control the weight. It also increases the metabolism rate, which helps in reducing fat. Apart from this, it helps to improve your digestion.

Eyesight enhancer

Prana mudra enhances the eyesight and many problems associated with the eyes are far away. If you work on a computer or you have eyes irritation while watching TV, or you wear glasses and your eyeglasses are high, regular practice of pran mudra will benefit you. This mood increases mental concentration. By doing this posture the vision is removed.

Pain Relief in Periods

Prana money is the best option for women who suffer more during periods. Doing this posture gives relief from unbearable pain in periods. Prana mudra irritability and fatigue are overcome. This mudra fulfills the deficiency of Vitamin-A, Vitamin-B, Vitamin-D, Vitamin-E and Vitamin-in the body. Apart from this, problems like depression are also removed from its practice.

Help in controlling cholesterol

Pran remains in cholesterol level control with regular practice of mudra. Due to which the risk of heart diseases is substantially lower. Pran Mudra is also beneficial for high blood pressure patients. Regular practice of pran mudra increases oxygen levels and poisonous gas like carbon dioxide emits. Apart from this, the body gets energy from this posture, which enables your body to fight many diseases.

Beneficial to skin

Exercise is not only your health but also the skin lip is beneficial. Exercise fixes many skin related diseases. Prahaa is beneficial in diseases such as money skin diseases - red tastes, rashes and allergies. Yoga is full of vitamin B deficiency in the body. The practice of this posture is very good for the beauty and fitness of your face. You can get the glowing skin of exercise without any side effects.

How to do pran mudra

Ring finger is the relation of ring finger to those parts of the body and brain that relates to the Earth element. While the smallest finger is related to the water element in the body. The thumb of your hand is related to the fire element.

The ring of anamika and juniora i.e. the tip of the smallest finger joining the next part of the thumb becomes the prana mudra.

The special thing is that you can do this exercise anywhere and anytime. But keep in mind the practice of prana mudra, not by standing up and doing it, sitting on it. You can sit in Sudhasan or Vajrasana for this.

Put the back of the palms on your thighs. Concentrate your attention and put meditation on breath. Keep breathing normal during practice. Do not posture in case of cold and cold.