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Ola launches credit card, these are special things

Ola launches credit card, these are special things

Ola has launched a credit card. For this, he has tied up with the SBI card. The name of this credit card is Ola Money SBI Credit Card. This card can be used in all the merchant outlets across the country, which accept the Visa card. The card is the biggest quality cashback. Provides cab services through wet apps.

Ola will now just offer this credit card to her selected customers. After a few months the card will be issued to other people. Ola's spokesperson gave this information. The goal of the company is to release such one crore cards by 2020. Those who are willing to make Ola card can now apply for it. Link to registration

How to use it?

Ola and SBI card have issued a release in this regard. It has been said that the process of applying Ola Money SBI credit card will be easy. There is no joining fee. 5 times more reward and cashback.

You must have a ola app to use the card. This app contains an in-built section called Ola Money. Credited Cashback and Rewards will appear here. You will not need to app or register separately. Ola's spokesperson said that if you want you can get Cashback in your bank account instead of Ola Money

What is the offer

# 1: Swapping of Ola Money SBI Credit Card in any of the merchants who accept the Visa card, your Ola Money Wallet will return 1 cent cashback within 3 days.

# 2: On payment of credit card, all Ola Rides will get 7% cashback. However, cashback of more than Rs 500 will not be available in the month.

# 3: With a clear trip to the hotel, booking a hotel will get 20% cashback. At the same time, in case of flight booking, it will be 5 percent. ..

# 4: Cashback will be 20% on restaurant bills through dinout There are many more advantages of the card. For instance, there will be no card fees in the first year. Fuel surcharge will be exempted.