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Know where Rahul Gandhi, Hema Malini and Tharoor have invested

Know where Rahul Gandhi, Hema Malini and Tharoor have invested

There is talk of elections all over the country in these days. Who will overcome in the field of politics, these things are common. But, how well our honorable people are in investing their money, such things are less in hearing. Perhaps one of the reasons is that it is considered a personal issue. Do not you want to know where the leader likes to put his money? All his wealth has started in real estate or has he invested it in different places? Is the portfolio of his portfolio bent towards a fixed deposit or does it have a fair balance of equity and debt?

When the candidates declare their assets, they get an opportunity to know one thing. Know how skilled they are to manage their money. We have studied the declaration of assets of eight candidates of various political parties. These include the Bharatiya Janata Party, Congress, DMK and PDP candidates. It was tried to find out how they manage money.

1. Rahul Gandhi

The portfolio of the Congress president is clearly tilted towards real estate and equity. The portfolio of property in the portfolio is 63.4 per cent. About 32 percent of the 33 percent equity in equity (Rs 5.19 crore) is invested in the mutual fund. This is financially the right move. Keeping 0.7 percent in the cache makes sense. Gold and Jewelery share 0.1 percent of the portfolio. This is also absolutely correct.

Rahul Gandhi's total assets are Rs.15.16 crores. Most of the money in the debt portion (Rs 39.8 lakh) has been kept in the PPF account. His property includes liability of Rs. 72.01 lakhs. Overall, he is a good investor.

2. Hema Malini

The dream of its era's Dream Girl portfolio is bent on one side. They have assets worth Rs 108.59 crore. It has 88.4% i.e. about 101 crore in real estate. Equity has the lowest 0.2 per cent investment. In his age, investment should be more in debt. But, its portfolio has a very small share. The liability is also much more 5.75 crores. The portfolio needs a lot of diversification.

3.Shashi Tharoor

Congress candidate Tharoor likes to keep money in cash 15.8 percent of their portfolio is in the cache. This is a very bad decision. The good thing is that they have kept 36.8% of the equity in equity through mutual funds. However, the allocation of their portfolio in real estate is 2.8 per cent. It can be extended. Their debt investment is in fixed deposits and bonds.

4. Nakul Nath

Nakul, the son of Congress leader and Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath, is a big portfolio. His property is worth 656.8 crores. Due to being the beneficiary of the trust buying the shares of several companies, equity portfolio is more in their portfolio. The share of real estate in the portfolio is 6.3 per cent and the cash is 1.4 per cent. Their portfolio demands more diversification. The good thing is that due to having more assets they do not need Emergency Fund.

5. Jaya Prada

Jaya is also among those candidates whose portfolio is more inclined towards real estate and cash. 67 percent of Jaya Prada's portfolio is of real estate. Their cash holding is 56.24 lakh rupees. Good returns can be earned on investing in mutual funds. Equity investments of 3.1 per cent are entirely in shares. Debt allocation is very low at 0.1 percent. The actress's liability is also a lot more than 1.7 crore rupees. They are advised to reduce the investment in the realty and invest the cash.

6. Kanimozhi Karunanidhi

The portfolio of Kanimozhi, daughter of former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi, is inclined towards the date. 50.8 percent of his portfolio i.e. Rs 15 crore is locked in fixed deposit. They have liability of 1.92 crores. The rest is in real estate (29.6%) and equities (6.8). Equity investment is in the form of stocks. They have cash of Rs 1.18 lakhs. It can be easily invested in mutual funds. With this help, it can reduce liability. His total assets are 28.15 crore rupees.

7. Mehbooba Mufti

Former PDP president and former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Mehbooba Mufti, has the lowest assets of eight candidates. About 62 percent of this is investment in real estate. The rest is in the cache. This is not a good step. They have no investment in equity or debt. The good thing is that there is no liability for them. There is a dire need of diversification in the portfolio.

8. Badgeant Panda

The total assets of veteran leader of Odisha are Rs 47.7 crore. His portfolio has been quite prominent in all the leaders. Equity investment in their portfolio is 56.8 percent. They have invested in 11 shares and nine mutual funds. In the debt portfolio of 6.79 crore, the full money is in fixed deposit. The share of cash in the portfolio is 0.6 percent and gold is 0.1 percent.