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Keeping the heart and the intestines healthy, learn from these 2 pranayama

Keeping the heart and the intestines healthy, learn from these 2 pranayama

The neuroscientist considers the vagus nerve (vagus passenger) to be the most important vein or nerve in the body. This vein is responsible for the combination of body and mind. It goes to all the vital organs of the body - such as the brain, ante, heart, liver, pancreatic, kidney, spleen, lungs, genitalia, even tongue, and this effect on the movement of all the organs.

Vagas can have an effect on depression and anxiety on the mind and mind; it affects the secretion of digestive juices, on the conduct of heart beat, on the amount of glucose in the body, ie in the structure of bile, kidney function In this, it has an effect on fertility in women, it has the effect of taste and spit structure, but to the highest physical and mental harmony and altruistic behavior. Is impressed!

The direct connection of the vagus tantric stimulus is from your health. The more healthy your vegan vein will be, the more physically and mentally healthy you will be.

Any practice that stimulates the vein of vein, improves the harmony of the body and mind, because it is because the veg vein shows the link between the body and the mind. Some asana exercises, such as deep diarrheal breathing or doing a Sudarshan Kriya, have been found that the vagus vein is stimulated, and this increases the level of happiness and health. In the stimulation of the vagus, deep, abdominal breathing has often been considered as the option of pacemaker.

Pranayama is some of the ancient Indian techniques that we can use to breathe our health. It has also been found to be done by performing Sudarshan Kriya daily that the veg vein remains agitated.

Along with the stimulation of the related (parasympathetic) nervous system, "relaxation and digestion", this powerful pranayam also increases 50 percent in the secretion of prolactin (health related hormone), increases 218 percent in the time spent in deep sleep. , And this process has eliminated depression, anxiety and stress throughout the world.

There are some simple and natural exercises that you can incorporate in your routine, which include pranayama, yoga and food.


Bhastrika Pranayama

Start your day with Bhastra Pranayama, which is a very powerful pranayama, turn your knees and sit on your hips. Make a handful of your hands and bring them in front of both of your shoulders. When you fill your breath, move your hands up and open your fists. When you quit breathing, bring your hands down and make your hands again. This is a sequence.

You have to do such a twenty sequence. You do three cycles, in every single cycle there are twenty such sequences and keep a gap of five minutes between two chakras. Keep your eyes closed and feel the flow of energy in the body.


Yoga ultrasound is a very simple posture for the health of the intestines and it improves digestion, which is essential for the health of vagus. First of all, kneel down on your mat and keep both of your hands on the hips. Your knees and shoulders should be in a straight line and your palm should be towards the roof. When you fill your breath, pull your coccyx towards the pubic hair, as if someone is pulling you from the navel.

Simultaneously, make a circle from your back and move your hands on your feet until your two hands are straight. Do not give much shock to your neck and keep it normal. Stay in this condition for some breaths. Slowly enter the initial position while leaving the breath. As you are straight from the back, take your hands back on the hips.

Vegetarian meal

Delicious complementary ingredients of chapatti: 3/4 cups of Ganede seeds, 1/2 cups yeast, 1/4 tablespoon salt, 2 tablespoon lemon juice, 2 to 3 cloves, 2 tablespoons saava leaves, 1/4 teaspoon black pepper

Procedure: Soak the seeds of ginger for 8 hours. Make a mix of all the ingredients. Cool in the fridge for 1 hour. Serve with breads / chapati or vegetables. In the Edge study in the journal Jap Scientific American for a happy mind, it was found that by remembering the verses of Sanskrit, those areas of mind are developed which are intelligently connected.

A study in BITS Hyderabad found that those who pronounced or heard the verses, became cheerful and calm till the end of the study.

Quote "Namah Uniwar" for 10 minutes daily and see the difference! You can also hear chanting like Lalit Sahasranama or Vishnu Sahasranama. Additional remedies: Wash your face with cold water to feel instantly energetic!