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Your skin tanning sunscreen is dangerous for Skin, learn expert opinion.

Your skin tanning sunscreen is dangerous for Skin, learn expert opinion.

A recent study by the Journal of the American Medical Association has triggered controversy over Sunscreen since surfacing information has emerged. The association says that sunscreens can be used to enter our blood stream if they are used continuously. Studies have shown that the amount of chemical that comes from sunscreens in the body is many times more than the permitted level of the American Food and Drug Administration. At the same time, skin diseases experts say sunscreen is essential in sunlight so that the body can be saved from UV rays.

Dr Gaurav Bhardwaj, advisor to the department of dermatology of Saroj Super Specialty Hospital, Delhi, says that before sunset, sunscreen is advised to save the body from UV rays. Sun screen is used to protect the Sun's ultraviolet rays.

Mr. Vijay Singhal, a dermatologist senior consultant at Balaji Action Medical Institute, told that the effect of UV rays falls on every skin. Many times even after adopting the simple steps to avoid sunlight, the skin is affected even if there is no weather, it is important to use sunscreen cream or lotion when coming out of home or home. You can use sunscreen cream 3 times a day.

Why Use Sunscreen

According to a research, wrinkles on skin, fine lines, skin rupture, effects on skin, UV rays are the biggest cause of zinc before age. Staying in the sun for a long time not only brings blackness on the skin, but also can cause serious health problems related to skin health.

According to the skin, sunscreen should be applied. If your skin is oily, then buy gel or spray sunscreen, it will not show more of your skin. If your skin is loose, then apply sunscreen with lotion or cream, this will protect your skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Apart from the Sun screen, the other option

In addition to the Sun screen, we can take care of our skin more and more by using drinking water, and taking care of the skin can be taken by wearing all the dresses while leaving the house.

In addition to the Sun screen, you can concentrate on your diet and if you get out in the sun, then cover your face. You can use things like cleaning your skin and toning.


Problems by Using sunscreen

Applying sunscreen can cause problems like skin overcharging and reactions.

Some sunscreen sunscreens found fatal chemicals that can cause skin irritation, rash, itching, and breast cancer. Some small side effects of applying sunscreen lotions are often seen in front of you, but when it takes a fickle look, you should seek the help of the doctor immediately.

Why Use Sunscreen

By continuous sun exposure, the brown spots, fine lines and wrinkles fall on the skin and the skin becomes loose. Sun rays make the skin prematurely. These also damage collagen and flexible tissues. Using regular sunscreen, the skin remains soft and uniform tone. If you stay at home then get 15 SPF sunscreen, leave the house, then wear SPF 30 sunscreen. Use facewash instead of soap, it will clean the face and its moisture will not stole. Use the microfibrizer regularly, this will keep moisture in the skin.

According to the study of the Journal of the American Medical Association, 24 people used four sunscreens, including spray, lotion, cream on 75 percent of their body for four days. After seven days, the blood of those people was examined to check the level of chemicals absorbed in their blood.

On the basis of this investigation, scientists said that they did not know the effects of plasma concentration beyond the permitted limit of US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), therefore there is a need to further study. He said that before using any sunscreen, the advice of skin diseases specialist should be taken.